Elect Mary Ellen Abilez Grande

Candidate for San Bernardino School Board

By our continued efforts to establish all schools as Community Centered Schools we can affect the entire city of our future through engagement efforts with our parents.  Parents in San Bernardino would benefit from exposure to opportunities in training, internships, and even apprenticeships in the skilled trades, just like our high school students do. 

Many single parents need guidance and inspiration to break the cycle of underemployment and welfare programs. We have young parents who still have dreams for themselves, they too need to learn how to access community college, now free, or a CSU, or join the skilled union labor and building trades, utility companies, and/or  other opportunities that already exist. 

I would encourage Union Days as often or even more than days we have military recruiters for students on campus. Our building trades regularly should offer live and video presentations or even workshops of what they do, it would give hope to students who want other than college, but one where a high school diploma is still a first step. I believe it would inspire increased attendance, a greater sense of choice for vocational pathways, and a message that it’s ok to not attend college the day after graduation, our world needs professionals of  every kind to thrive. 


 "My resume includes academic and professional degrees and credentials, reflects training in the current issues of today, and many other roles within our community. I believe I have always been in service of inspiring students within the educational environment. My now twenty years of serving students in the K-12 classroom, has given me a personal perspective, understanding, empathy and knowledge of students, their parents, and the home.  I have also been directly impacted by board policies, and while I honor those efforts, I believe that I and my skill set in collaboration, empathy, and mind for efficacy is an asset."



Mary Ellen has been joined by Alex Avila, Francisco Ramirez and Travon Martin for San Bernardino School Board. ...

Elect Mary Ellen Abilez Grande SBCUSD School Board!

It is time we have a board memeber with actual on-the-ground, in-the-classroom experience with students and parents. ...



On Tuesday, November 8, 2022,
Vote Mary Ellen Abilez Grande San Bernardino School Board.